About Us

CSTGIA harnesses the power of academia, industry, government, military, and non-profit communities across the GLOBE to develop and promulgate support for value-add  programming, education, and training within the CYBER, STE"A"M, and Innovation arenas.


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About the Founder

Dr. Farrell’s experience includes over three decades of international and domestic support to Fortune 500 commercial firms, state, and federal government entities as a technical and management consultant in the areas of engineering, operations, quality, cybersecurity, change management, and high performance. She is dedicated to the CSTGIA mission, actively involved as a global non-profit leader, and integrates service with the Global Goodwill Ambassador program among others.

Our Motto: Encourage. Engage. Empower. Enrich.

Changing Real Lives Around the World

CSTGIA's Founder is a United States Global Goodwill Ambassador and CSTGIA has pledged to work towards achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.