Are you a Change Driver, an Innovator,  a Difference Maker?


Do you come alive when thinking of serving women, youth, minorities, and veterans globally? Is there fire in your belly to serve by providing information, resources, opportunities, and economic ladders for success?

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Partner Categories

CSTGIA partners are diverse, serving students, practitioners, veterans, executives, and entrepreneurs via multiple initiative offerings.


Serving middle-school through graduate level students in the cyber, steam, and innovation areas.

Cyber & STEAM

Offering education, professional development, seminars, training, mentoring, and networking.


Focusing on holistic leadership and personal, professional, and technical development for our developing STARS!


Building  technical, leadership, and professional skills within fun and innovative environments.


Serving our populations via apprenticeships, internships, training, roadmaps, specialized career resources, and novel placement strategies.


For-profits, non-profits, NGOs, government entities, and academia focusing on innovation and technical incubators and accelerators for success.


Serving veterans and their families worldwide during their pre/post-transition to civilian life to build sustainable ladders of success.


Serving our global communities through learning and application of seminal business strategies, processes, and technologies.

Why Partner?

Our global partners serve diverse populations, are mentors, role models, and change catalysts for pre-K thru 12th grade students, practitioners, executives, entrepreneurs, and veterans.

Quest for Global Good


Join us on our unification journey to bring together ten-thousand partners, raise $10,000,000 and lift up ONE MILLION multi-generational professionals, students, veterans, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Our Academic partners serve middle-school through graduate level youth and students. Additionally, they have created innovation centers to enable their ongoing professional and technical success.


Our career partners offer ladders for success to our members and the broader CSTGIA community.

Consortiums & Consulting 

Our consortiums and consulting partners work for GOOD globally,  serving youth, minorities, veterans, women, and entrepreneurs.


Our CYBER and STE"A"M partners offer awareness, education, professional development, seminars, training,  mentoring, and networking opportunities galore.


Our Innovation partners include academia, commercial, government, and non-profit entities offering our community frameworks, methodologies, research, standards,  and tools to help you EXCEL.


Our Veteran partners are right there in the forefront of advancing CYBER, STE"A"M, and Innovation technologies and missions.


Our women-focused partners focus on holistic personal, professional, and technical development for our STARS!


Our youth focused partners strive to build technical, leadership, and professional skills within a fun and innovative environment.